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Solar Energy Panels Welcome to our directory of solar energy companies across the US. Solar energy is a clean and reliable source of power. Solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy platforms, a great investment with tax credits, rebates and net metering energy savings. Please browse our solar energy and solar installer company listings by clicking below.

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Solar Energy Companies and Solar Installers

Click on your state to find a solar installer near you. We recommend getting quotes from a variety of companies before making your final decision. Need help choosing s solar company? Over here we have tips on selecting a solar installer.

Solar Energy News

Learn about solar energy and renewable resources. Our solar news and articles sections are updated regularly, so please bookmark us and come back often.

Will Solar Glass Change The Game For Solar Energy
  Solar glass could represent a major shot in the arm for a depressed solar energy. Well, if it comes to market any time soon.
Konarka Latest Solar Company To Go Bankrupt
  Konarka is the latest solar company to go bankrupt in 2012. Backed by Chevron, learn more about how a reduction in demand doomed the company and why more solar companies may fail soon.
Solar Financial Incentives - Looking Local Is Key
  Most people look to the federal government for solar incentives. In truth, state and local solar financial incentives have a lot to offer and should be looked at.
The Odd Solar Power Plan Of Saudi Arabia
  Saudi Arabia is known for many things. Renewable energy is not one of them. Considering it is swimming in oil, the announcement by the country that it intends to launch a hugely ambitious domestic solar power generation initiative is a head scratcher.
Big Advances In Wind Energy
  Wind energy has often been thought of as a fairly stagnant technology. Big advances in wind energy from wind stalks to residential wind power solutions are changing that perception.
What European Economic Struggles Mean For Solar Power
  Europe is a major player in the solar energy market. The economic problems in the EU will have a massive effect on the solar energy industry. This article explains why.
Brazil Maturing As Energy Force
  Article discussing new net metering policy for solar energy in Brazil. Discusses how oil discoveries, ethanol and solar energy could radically change Brazil into an energy power.
Environmental Impact of Solar Energy
  Article discussing the environmental impact of solar energy and whether it is truly a clean energy platform.
The Solar Industry Can Play Funny With Study Numbers To
  Recent solar industry study produces some very interesting poll numbers about the future of solar energy in the United States. Perhaps it is a sign the solar industry is maturing.
Solar Popular With Big Business Thanks To Positive PR Feedback Loop
  Big business is moving to solar energy in mass. What is the reason for this? A popular PR feedback loop created by consumers in favor of solar power and solar panels.

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