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Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy Panels Welcome to our directory of solar energy companies across the US. Solar energy is a clean and reliable source of power. Solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy platforms, a great investment with tax credits, rebates and net metering energy savings. Please browse our solar energy and solar installer company listings by clicking below.

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Solar Energy Companies and Solar Installers

Solar Lights Click on your state to find a solar installer near you. We recommend getting quotes from a variety of companies before making your final decision. Need help choosing a solar company? Over here we have tips on selecting a solar installer.

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    Solar Energy News

    Learn about solar energy and renewable resources. Our solar news and articles sections are updated regularly, so please bookmark us and come back often.

    President Obama Talks Energy
      President Obama Talks Energy The President discusses energy in his weekly address. A couple thoughts come to mind when you watch this: Will we really be energy independent of foreign suppliers? How much credit should the President take for this change?
    Time Lapse Videos Of Glaciers Melting
      Doubt climate change? Watch these time lapse videos of glaciers melting.
    Could Fusion Energy Be On The Horizon?
      Will we ever have fusion energy? Two recent breakthroughs suggest it may no longer be a pipe dream.
    The State of Oil Pipelines In The U.S. It Isn't Good
      The "Oil Shock" is an interesting video looking at an aspect of oil not often discussed in the larger fossil fuel debate
    Dynamic Tidal Power - Dutch China Example
      Dynamic tidal power is a unique concept that seem to be very viable and something that could be replicated on just about any coast
    Ways To Save On Heating Costs This Winter
      Watch video discussing tips on saving on your heating costs this winter.
    Interview With Peter Fraenkel On Tidal Energy
      Watch Peter Fraenkel discuss tidal energy. Dr. Fraenkel is considered one of the pioneers of the technology.
    Micro Hydro Power In Nepal
      Watch a video showing how micro hydro power in Nepal is bringing electricity to many different communities.
    Why So Serious?
      Discussions of solar energy always seem so serious. Why? Ah, let's have a bit of fun with the solar roller.
    Tidal Energy Update - Moon Power Baby!
      Is tidal energy a viable platform? Yes. Here's how one man plans to tap into it.
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