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Instead of relying on shaky third-party installers like many other companies, PacificSky is an all-inclusive solar agency, which means its installers are trained in knowing exactly what your home will need to cut…

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Let’s face it, up till now, solar powered cars were pretty darn unattractive. Most looked like waffles with wheels or something out of a 50’s Buck Rogers film. To make matters worse, their performance was nothing to write home about. Fortunately, things are changing for the better. Solar powered EVs are actually being designed and produced that look like cars most people would want to own and drive. While not entirely charge free, the momentum is moving in the right direction. Chinese Solar EVs A Chinese company called Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. recently introduced four cars powered by solar panels. In an effort to expand its photovoltaic technology base, Hanergy is convinced that cars powered by solar cells can be produced that appeal to today’s eco-mined consumer. The company’s new breed of electric vehicles can be charged in daylight while on the road. The thin barely visible solar panels help charge the vehicle’s lithium batteries. The batteries can also be charged at charging stations, should the sun be blocked or for those extended long-distance drives. Under ideal conditions, Hanergy’s solar-powered… Read more

Google is revolutionizing the world of contact lenses. The new lenses employ a photo-detector that generates power from harvested light. This power would be used to access information about one’s surrounding environment, including everything from allergens and hazardous materials to harmful particles that may affect the wearer’s health. The challenge remains to develop solar panels small enough to fit on a contact lens. Here’s what solar powered contact lenses may offer in the not too distant future. Monitor Body Functions Solar powered contact lenses could give the wearer a number of body monitoring capabilities. Resting on the eyeball, the lenses may be connected to a mobile device to communicate data about body temperature, glucose levels or blood-alcohol level. The sensed information could be sent to a smartphone, then given to the wearer’s doctor to gauge if these levels were either too high or too low. Detect Chemicals and Allergies Enhanced with sensitive detection circuitry and chemical sensors, solar powered contact lenses could sense a variety of biological, chemical and microbiological agents or particles. These include levels of hazardous materials, allergens, tree or… Read more

Imagine not having to wait half an hour for your charcoal briquettes to heat up, or dealing with messy ash and soot afterwards. Think too, about never running out of propane, or lugging an empty tank to the refill station while your friends and family wait for their steaks, burgers or hot dogs. Yes, there’s finally a solution to these historic BBQ drawbacks—a BBQ system without charcoal briquettes or propane. Enter the Solar Powered BBQ Meeting these challenges head on is a new breed of portable, tube-shaped solar ovens. Take the GoSun Stove, for example. It has the BTUs to cook six hot dogs in about ten minutes, even on a cloudy day. These solar cookers employ parabolic mirrors that concentrate sunlight onto a glass cylinder to heat up whatever’s inside. The mirrors combine with a stainless steel tray, enabling the stove to act as a portable convection oven. This expands the use of solar ovens for baking, frying or boiling. More on the Innards Solar stoves like these feature a borosilicate glass cooking tube, which is resistant to thermal… Read more

More property owners than ever are installing PV solar panels to cut energy costs, especially in the summer when energy guzzling AC units churn up electricity at a furious rate. Of course, there are additional steps you can take to keep your house cooler in the scorching summer months. Things like better insulation around windows and doors, and keeping your attic cooler with attic fans. Until recently, attic fans were either wind powered or motor driven. But some homes just don’t have enough wind in the summer to run wind-powered fans. And motor-driven fans eat up “house juice.” The solution? Solar powered attic fans. Why a Solar Attic Fan?  Heat and moisture not only make your home uncomfortable to live in but they can damage your home over the long run. A solar attic fan works to neutralize moisture and draw out excessive heat, keeping your home cool in the summer and protecting it from harmful moisture buildup during those cold, wet winter months. A solar powered attic fan enhances your home’s passive ventilation system (the vents and small breather… Read more

Portable solar power tech is taking off, surprising even the most dedicated solar believers with sustainable power on the go. It’s not hard to understand why this technology is finding new markets.  People today want sustainable power that moves with them.  These 'solar plus battery storage' kits are becoming as ubiquitous as LED flashlights. The newest breed of portable solar power is mPower’s Solar Generator. It handily combines PV solar, a battery, and an inverter system for an all-in-one power solution that’s made to order for off-grid and emergency use. Portable Power Sized to Your Needs The mPower Solar Generator piggybacks on the strides made by the Lycan Powerbox, from Renogy (which led the way with 75Ah battery chargeable via an external 100W solar panel). Seeking an all-in-one solution, mPower unites solar panels, battery, power inverter, and the outlets into a handy hard-case that’s currently available in three different sizes. There’s the M6, which includes 50W of solar panels and a 300Wh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery; the M12 with 100W of solar panels and a 600Wh battery; and the… Read more