New Tents Unite Shelter with Solar


Avid campers and outdoor festival lovers who have struggled with the limitations of sleeping in ordinary tents now have an alternative—solar powered tents. Many of these tents fully exploit the suns supply of free energy to provide much needed power for mobile gadgets, lighting (LED of course), and in some cases, heating the tent’s floor on those cold damp nights. One tent even saves enough of the sun’s energy to glow in the dark, should you get lost and can’t find your tent amidst the sea of tents at a festival or busy campground.

Orange Solar Tent 

Kaleidoscope’s innovative Orange Solar Tent provides on-site power for eco-conscious campers. The earth-friendly tent delivers sustainable power to run mobile phones, camping gadgets and other electronic devices. The tent features photovoltaic fabric, RFID-activated lighting, a Wi-Fi touchscreen and induction charger. If you venture out past dark and you can’t seem to locate your tent, you can send a SMS message from your mobile phone that will activate the tent’s Glo-cation technology and your tent will literally glow in the dark.  A wireless charging pouch replaces tedious plug-in panels with the ability to simply drop in one’s phone or other portable device for a quick recharge. A coil in the pouch generates a magnetic field to produce a charge, which powers the device’s battery. Equally impressive is that some of the captured solar energy would be channeled toward radiant floor heating—a blessing to those who venture into damp grounds.

Adopting Solar with a Bang

Bang Bang colorful solar-powered tents provide portable power for country music festivals and similar off-grid venues. Each tent features three banks of photovoltaic fabric cells that harness enough solar energy to deliver stable and clean to a built-in power station backed by a lithium battery pack.  Handy USB charging adapters make it easy to power everything from smartphones to LED lighting. The 5W solar panel slides into a pouch on the outside of the tent and trickle charges a lithium battery bank. The bank features a USB charging adapter and can charge most low-voltage devices. Combined, the solar panel and battery backup can charge cameras, phones and computers. They can even power speakers and LED lights.

Eddie Bauer Goes Solar

Eddie Bauer’s award-winning Katabatic expedition tent offers 36 square foot of room—enough for three adults. It features an integrated solar panel on its roof and wired access to power Goal Zero equipment like the Sherpa 50 or the Yeti Solar Generator to power lots of mobile devices. The Yeti stores an incredible 1,250Wh of 110V AC power, enough to power small home appliances. The Sherpa battery pack, features a 50Wh battery, enough to keep most mobile electronics fully charged. The current price tag for this tent is $600 and the Sherpa 50 battery pack runs around $200.

It’s a Cinch

Keep your mobile phones and USB gadgets powered in a Cinch, the pop-up tent with solar power and LED lighting. The solar panel sits on the roof of the tent and powers-up even in indirect sunlight; and the lead runs into the tent and tops-up an ultra cool LCD power bank. The bank provides enough electric storage to fully charge two iPhones. LED lighting provides plenty of light at night. The solar power pack includes a 7-watt solar panel, extended data wires, 4000 mAh power bank, waterproof junction box and cable lock.

Solar Recharge Pod

Gotwind’s REchargepod is capable of charging mobile phones at remote venues that lack AC power. Powered solely by wind and solar renewable energy, the self-sufficient pod provides a quick and secure place to charge multiple mobile phones. The pod’s 1Kw output can recharge as many as 100 mobile phones per hour. Unused energy is stored in a battery bank.

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016