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Company Founded 1994
Number of Employees 51-200
Location Woodland Hills, CA
Locations Serviced Southern California
Primary Service (Business or Resid.) Residential
Length of Lease 20 years

PacificSky Solar is a reliable energy company that offers a full suite of solar services without outsourcing any of the work to other companies. It's been in business since 1994 and relies on top quality equipment for all installations. The business has an A+ BBB rating, but more importantly has access to cool features like colored solar panels if that is something you want to add on your home.


Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels – PacificSky Solar makes use of Sunpower Maxeon solar panels. The panels are well-known for being highly efficient and durable. They don't have metal gridlines which allows more sunlight to hit the cells and they make use of wider electrical contacts to transmit more current than some of the other panels on the market.

Colored Panels – PacificSky Solaroffers colored solar panels that blend in better with rooftops and can be viewed as an aesthetic improvement, allowing the homeowner to customize their home in a variety of ways. The panels are created by Colored Solar and are highly efficient.

How it Works

Get a Free Quote – The first step is to fill out the form for a free quote. This gives PacificSky your information and gives you an idea of the costs you will encounter with the system. Then you decide if you want to go further or not.

Speak with an Expert – After you decide that you want to learn more about the solar technology, an expert from PacificSky will contact you and go over system details and payment options. The expert will evaluate your home and give you more specific pricing information to help you make the right choice about going solar.

Decide on Payment and System Details – During the talk it will be up to you to decide on what payment plan you want to work with and what type of system will be installed. You'll be given options to consider and ample time to make the important decisions.

Design and Paperwork – After all the details are ironed out, PacificSky will design the solar system and file all the necessary permits as well as government and state incentive paperwork for you.

Installation – A team of PacificSky employees are sent out to your home with the panels and the rest of the system to complete the installation. In a short period of time, the system will be mounted on your home and begin producing power to minimize your energy usage.

Savings – With the new system in place, you'll notice your energy bills going down and can enjoy all the savings that solar power offers.


PacificSky Solar makes it possible to purchase or lease your solar panels, giving you control over how you pay for your system.

Buy the System Outright – When you choose to buy your system outright through PacificSky Solar, they give you the figures up front and you can pay with cash or setup a loan for the system. Buying a solar system offers the greatest level of savings, but also comes with a much higher up-front cost than leasing.

Leasing for Little Down – When you lease through PacificSky Solar, you agree to pay a bill each month just like with the utility company – it's just a smaller bill. The lease period lasts for 20 years and all maintenance and repairs are taken care of for you.

Customer Support

PacificSky Solar does all solar work in-house, which means that when you call the company, you can get all the information needed from the first source. The business has a single easy-to-reach number and is available during standard business hours throughout the week (Monday – Thursday) to help customers or those interested in panels.

The Good…

  • PacificSky Solar has a deal to distribute colored solar panels, making them one of the only suppliers in the country to offer this unique technology.
  • Being an all-inclusive solar agency removes contractors and third-parties not completely interested in quality assurance.

The Bad…

  • Since the company manages all the work, maintenance and repairs can take a bit longer to be completed than it does with some larger organizations. However, the technicians are all carefully trained and reliable.

And The Ugly

  • PacificSky Solar only offers their services to homeowners who live in areas of Southern California.
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User ReviewsNot all submitted reviews are posted but all submitted reviews are factored into our rating. SolarCompanies.com believes the posted reviews best reflect the overall opinions of all submitted reviews.
Submitted by Anna Vitale

Having spoken with many solar companies, and doing a lot of research on pricing and reliability, it was nice to be able to come to an easy conclusion on the best company to work with in Southern California.