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Repower Solar Review
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Company Founded 2008
Number of Employees 51-200
Location Livermore, CA
Locations Serviced AZ, CA, HI, LA, MD, MA, NV, NJ, NY, OR, PA, PW
Primary Service (Business or Resid.) Residential
Length of Lease 25 years

Repower Solar is a top-level solar company founded by Solar Universe. It’s been in operation since 2008 and over that time has been involved with a total of 46 megawatts of solar installations. The company specializes in working with homeowners to help them lower their dependence on fossil-fuel power and their monthly energy bills as well. The company has more than 1,000 team members and operates in 11 different states as well as Puerto Rico. Repower understands what it takes to make solar technology work and has the tools to bring this tech to homeowners around the country.


Repower provides its customers with Solar Universe equipment, some of the best in the industry. Solar Universe panels are used on all the homes and most are fitted with Enphase inverters. The inverters come with a 25 year warranty and most installations come with a 10 year warranty on workmanship as well.

How it Works

  • Contact Repower - The very first step of the process is contacting Repower Solar. You can do so by filling out a simple form with your basic installation details. Once you complete the form you’ll be contacted by the company and given more information about the services available to you and how to proceed with the installation.
  • Get an Estimate – After talking over the phone with Repower the company will send out experts to examine the property and provide the homeowner with a detailed estimate covering the costs of the installation and the different financing options available. During the estimate, location installation and equipment types will be discussed.
  • System Design – After the initial estimate the total system will be designed and the final installation planned out. From there it is just a matter of pulling permits, getting the equipment around and completing the final installation.
  • Complete Permit and Tax Paperwork – Repower representatives take care of all the permit and tax incentive paperwork involved with a full-sized solar installation. The necessary permits are filed, and all available tax rebates are claimed and put toward the balance of the installation to offer more affordable pricing.
  • Panel Installation – Now that all the paperwork is completed, a team of installers will schedule a day to come out and put the panels on. Usually a complete installation is finished within just a few days of the start date. This period can be noisy and many workers will be moving back and forth on the property, but it normally doesn’t last long.
  • Tie Panels Into the Grid – Once the panels are installed they are wired into your existing energy grid and to your energy meter itself. Any created energy is used by your home when there is a need for it, and when there isn’t the energy is pushed through your meter and out to the power lines to be used by someone else, giving you credit to use toward your energy needs in the future.
  • Install Smarter Home Equipment – After the solar panels are installed and tied into your home, it’s time for installers to put in the Smarter Home equipment. This includes a smart thermostat, a wall-mounted control center, window and door sensors, smart LED bulbs and a set of mobile apps to help you reduce your energy usage throughout the day.
  • Monitoring – Once the system is completely installed, it will be monitored to ensure that it’s working properly and you can begin enjoying money saved on your utility bill each month.


When the Enphase inverter is installed, a monitoring tool is also installed. This allows you to watch over the system using an app known as Enphase Enlighten, that offers detailed information about the system and diagnostic tools for a solar professional. The information is accessible online and can be accessed by the homeowner via computer or mobile device. It’s also used by Repower to diagnose any future problems and to handle issues with your system if necessary.


Having solar panels installed on your home is generally considered to be expensive. These systems can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars in most instances, and they are difficult to install making them even more expensive. While they seem out of reach to many customers, nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to special financing deals there are several ways that homeowners can obtain a system of solar panels while paying little to nothing upfront. These systems should save money over time and benefit the homeowners while improving the environment. Below are the different ways to obtain Repower solar systems.

Buy the System Outright – The most affordable way to purchase a system from Repower Soalr is to buy it outright. Sure it’s the most expensive upfront, but also offers the most money back in terms of savings. The buyer must pay for the equipment and installation and then owns the system entirely. From then on the owner will benefit from reduced utility prices that should eventually save more than what the system cost.

Home Improvement Loan - Interested homeowners can apply for a home improvement loan to cover the cost of a solar panel system installed by Repower Solar. These loans can be used to cover solar systems and are frequently used with a Repower system installation. The company can assist with obtaining such a loan, or the homeowner can seek financing from a familiar lender. Homeowners that take this option will own the system and receive all local, state and federal incentives. Loans are available in terms between 5 and 20 years.

The PPA– Repower solar customers have the option to choose a Solar power purchase agreement or a PPA in many locations. Those that do will pay for the power produced by the system at an agreed-upon level for a term of 25 years. Over that time the customer will put forth a monthly payment just like they do with the utility company, except it will be at more favorable rates leading to cost savings over time. Choosing a PPA means that Repower will monitor and repair any issues with the system as well.

PACE Financing – In supporting states homeowners can finance a solar panel system through local PACE financing. This financing borrows money from the city. The money is then paid back to the city in property taxes over the next 15 to 20 years. It’s a simple way for homeowners to get solar systems installed and provides them with time to pay back the money by relying on profits from the system itself.

The Lease – A solar lease is very similar to a power purchase agreement and lasts 25 years in most instances when dealing with Repower. The agreement leaves the homeowner with a set amount of money to pay toward the system each year until the end of the agreement. At that time the system is usually removed from the home. Going with a solar lease means your system will be maintained and repaired by Repower for free.

Customer Support

Repower offers a dedicated customer support number from each of its local offices around the country. This makes it quick and easy to get help with issues whenever they occur.

The Good…

  • Repower is a wide-spread company with excellent support and is highly reliable thanks to backing from Solar Universe.
  • A variety of financing options make it easy to obtain systems from the company, not to mention that the top level equipment ensures quality results every time.

The Bad…

  • Not all financing deals are offered in every location, and some customers will be limited to just a few financing options.

And The Ugly

  • The system will not function when grid power is out for safety purposes. This means that Repower Solar users will suffer from power outages the same as their neighbors do.
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