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Sungevity Review
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Company Founded 2007
Number of Employees 250+
Location Oakland, Florida
Primary Service (Business or Resid.) Residential
Length of Lease 20 Years

Sungevity is the first solar company in the United States to remotely design solar systems using satellite imagery and can provide high quality engineered systems at a good rate for that reason. The company is easy to work with and provides accurate quotes over the Internet, making it easy to see what a solar system will cost immediately and giving customers the chance to choose a solar plan they like, rather than one they’re being sold. Sungevity is a notable company because each customer has a specific project manager assigned to them to help with the whole design and construction process from start to finish. The company has received multiple awards in the past decade, including the Planet Forward Innovator of the Year, the Bay Area Green Business, and the Green Jobs Award in 2011.


Sungevity does not rely on standard equipment for all their installations. It has different suppliers around the country and offers different panels and inverters depending on where they are being installed. Sungevity guarantees high quality equipment for all its installations and has a name for providing good work, but there is no guarantee that you will end up with the brand of panel or inverter that you want.

How it Works

  • Get Your Quote - New customers fill out the iQuote form to get a detailed quote covering the cost to have solar installed and the various payment options and benefits of a new system.
  • Get Started - After you look over the information and decide that solar is right for you, you can contact Sungevity and will be assigned a project manager to work with you for the rest of the job.
  • Project Manager - When you work with Sungevity they provide a dedicated project manager to handle solar installation from start to finish. The manager assigns a local solar installer to your home and has the system custom designed for the best level of efficiency. He then takes the time to gather the necessary permits. After the permits are in place, the manager ships out the panels and directs the local installer to finish the job. At the end the manager arranges the final inspection to assure the quality of the installation.


When you purchase from Sungevity, you get 24/7 monitoring services and repair services for a minimum of ten years after the installation. The company keeps track of energy production and recognizes and handles system problems on their own.

Customers on the lease program get 20 years of monitoring and repairs, while system owners get those services for 10 years.


Sungevity offers two different ways to pay for its solar systems. Its buyers can either purchase the system outright, or get it with a Solar Energy Plan

  • Outright Purchase - When buyers decide to obtain the solar panels by buying them outright and paying for installation, they can enjoy an increase in home value and avoid monthly payments. This option also allows buyers a maximum return on investment, making it the wisest financial option.

Sungevity offers three different lease options with different price levels and initial down payments. Each of these options comes with an energy production guarantee, and monitoring and repair services for the life of the agreement. They are more affordable upfront than purchasing a system, and help buyers take advantage of utility savings from the beginning. Each lease is for 20 years.

  • Zero Down Lease - The zero down lease allows customers to obtain solar panels without putting any money down at all. They simply sign the agreement and begin making monthly utility payments for the energy once their installation is complete.
  • Down Payment Lease - The down payment lease offers a lower electricity rate but requires more of an upfront investment, followed by lower monthly utility payments.
  • Prepay Lease - The prepay lease program has you prepay for your energy at a reduced cost. It's more costly than either of the other lease options initially, but saves you the most over the life of the agreement.

Customer Support

Sungevity maintains two different phone lines for new customers and current customers. New customers can get in touch with the company between 8AM and 8PM PST, current customers can call between 7AM and 5PM PST.

The Good…

  • Sungevity provides accurate online installation quotes, giving customers the power to decide if they want solar quickly and easily. It's an affordable solution that relies on efficiency to save customers money.
  • Sungevity is available in a wide array of states, making it a viable option for homeowners across the country.

The Bad…

  • There is variable equipment used depending on installation location. However, many homeowners will enjoy the diversity of options.

And The Ugly

  • Sungevity does not offer financing for customers interested in buying their systems outright. This means you will have to pay the full price out of pocket or obtain financing from a separate financial institution.
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