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What is Cellulose Insulation Made Of

Cellulose insulation is rapidly overtaking fiberglass as the insulation of choice. So, what is cellulose insulation made of?

What is Cellulose Insulation Made Of

If you have every done your own insulation work, you know the distinct downside of fiberglass insulation. Regardless of how it is packaged, it is going to get on you and in the air. At best, it will simply set your skin to itching for hours. In worst case scenarios, it gets into your lungs while you are huffing and puffing, causing coughing and who knows what nasty long-term effects. Cellulose insulation is the answer to fiberglass insulation and an amazing product.

Cellulose insulation abandons the strategy of using fiberglass. Instead, cellulose insulation is made of shredded newspapers. If you recently purchased a home that has cellulose insulation or are going to use it in the future, you may be spraying some of your old newspapers into your walls and ceiling.

Cellulose insulation consists almost completely of recycled newspapers. Some manufacturers, however, will also add a small amount of shredded cardboard. To make it stick together with more efficiency, most will also add a binding, non-toxic chemical mixture. To keep the cellulose insulation from bursting into flames, it is also treated with fire retardants.

Cellulose insulation is primary a spray on product. It can be sprayed on wet, but is almost always applied in a dry form.

What is cellulose insulation made of? That thing you read the news on every morning. No, not the toilet.

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